By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

Change. “The only thing constant is change.” – Heraclitus Boy was he right. After 40 years of running my own design and ad shops with several wonderful partners during most of it, I’m shifting gears. The ad business has changed and I’m not so sure for the better. Ideas seem to matter less than how… Continue reading

2015 Seattle Goodwill Shop Campaign

By: Lisa Dahlby, Account Supervisor

For 18 years, Stanton & Everybody has been proud to be the pro bono agency of record for Seattle Goodwill. When people think of shopping at Goodwill, they most often think of clothes.  However, Goodwill has a lot for your home that people may not think of– tools, sporting goods, great furniture, books, games and… Continue reading

New York City

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

New York City. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to use my blog as a personal rant post. I’m supposed to use words that enhance search and all the other stuff you’re supposed to do. So here goes: advertising, design, brand, copy writing, social media, tweeting, Facebook and art direction. Did I mention brand?… Continue reading

Apple vs. Everyone Else

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

Ah the ongoing marketing war between Apple and everyone else continues. Granted Samsung has made a dent in market share with the latest iteration of their smart phones and the kajillions they spent pushing it out to the planet. But Apple is smart, even without Steve Jobs. The halo effect that occurs whenever they introduce… Continue reading

Too Many Ads

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

A couple of years ago I had lunch with one of Seattle’s iconic radio greats, Shannon Sweatte. Shannon was one of the most successful general managers ever in this market. He understood the business, he understood people and how to get the best out of them and he protected the medium fiercely because he believed… Continue reading

We’ll See.

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

  It’s a widely held truth in our profession; you don’t change people’s minds with advertising. You take what you know to be true in the mind of the consumer and use it to leverage your position. Buick is once again trying to convince America they aren’t your father’s or your grandfather’s automobile brand. This… Continue reading

Bad Radio Advertising

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

  “Blah, Blah, Blah” There are a number of reasons for all of the bad radio ads on the air today. Very few radio writers seem to understand the art of storytelling. Writers who think they’re funny most often are not. There is a difference between humor and comedy and to not understand that results… Continue reading

Best Advertising/Marketing Books

By: Molly Stephens, Advertising Assistant

With so many online resources available these days, it may be easy to look past books.  If you do choose to read an industry related book, here are a few that we would recommend:   “It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For” by Roy M. Spence, Jr. Rick – “This is my… Continue reading

Norman Durkee

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

“Hazel’s 1983 Christmas Jingle”   I realize it’s been a few weeks since the passing of Norman Durkee.  But, I still feel that it is important to tell you this story. At home I’ve been downsizing, cleaning out files, nooks, crannies and other places stuff gathers and I came across a folder from a man… Continue reading

What’s Killing Your Brand?

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

9 Iconic Brands That Could Soon Be Dead Marketing professionals, including me, always like to tell clients that brands are like people. They have personalities, dependable habits and characteristics and their archetypes ascribe a whole bunch of attributes that help consumers decide who to adopt into their brand families. What seldom gets talked about is… Continue reading