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To Pinterest or Not To Pinterest

You know, with the ongoing proliferation of social media opportunities, a marketer can either be inspired to embrace the new opportunity or to climb under their desk and curl up in a ball.  I don’t suggest the latter.  However, Ido suggest you carefully vet the marketing opportunity as it arises to determine if it is an appropriate fit, is going to be here longer than the next 5 weeks and you have the time to devote to feeding yet another ‘beast’.  For many, between Twitter, Facebook, Blogging…Google +, etc. etc. etc. , the beasts are winning.  For others, taking on another vehicle is not only doable, but can offer an untapped resource to reach a broader audience.


Which brings me to Pinterest.  Yes, Pinterest.  This young upstart has garnered 11.7 million uniques in January alone, as reported by Comscore.  With a predominantly female audience with a $100K annual household income – this is clearly an opportunity to be explored.  Mashable reports that Pinterest has more referral traffic than YouTube, Google + and Linkedin combined.  That statistic alone can be significant if you are trying to identify where to devote your social media energy.


If you are a Pinterest devotee, we’d love to hear how this has benefited you.  If you’re a Pinterest hater (and you know you’re out there), we’d love to hear why.  Finally, if you’d like to learn more, check out the Mashable infographicfor more information and see if this might be the next best advertising and marketing vehicle for your brand.

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