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The Birth of a True Brand

Back in November 2009, we were connected with a company called Triple T Trading. TTT has several lines of shoes and boots they manufacture with one particular line they viewed as the key to growth. The name of the line is Northside.

When we showed up all they had was a box with the word Northside on it and an “N” serving as a logo. To their credit, management knew they needed a true brand to grow, but weren’t sure how you did that.

They came to the right place. We know how you do that. Over the course of the last several months and largely as a bi-product of our proprietary Internal Brand Audit, a rather dramatic overhaul has occurred and the whole thing is set to roll out this week at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. This is a great story about how you discover and build out an honest brand from a new identity, to the back story to the show booth and beyond.
It’s also an underscore for something I truly believe: clients get the work they deserve.

Introducing the new Northside.

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