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Summit Creative Awards

We’re winners!

Those who know me best know I loathe the use of exclamation points unless someone’s life is in danger.

But today, I break my own rules.

We just found out we won two Summit International Awards for Creativity.

The Summit Creative Awards were started in 1994.

The competition’s goal was to reward the work done by less-than-huge companies with total billing of $30 million or less.

We certainly qualify.

Those eligible include advertising agencies, in-house marketing departments, multimedia and interactive firms.

The judges are international and look for the quality of the work and the message and not the amount of money someone threw at an idea.

I can assure you that a shop with billings of $29.9 million has more for production at their disposal than we do.

Our winning entries were as follows;

• Bronze / Television Campaign “More is What We Do.”
Client, Barrier Motors

• Silver / Consumer Magazine Campaign “More for the Adventure.”
Client, Northside Outdoor Footwear

With over 5,000 entries from 25 countries, we feel pretty good about the work we do here. Don’t get me wrong: the statues are nice. But what we really feel good about are the results our work generates.

That’s how and why we keep our clients as long as we do.