• Brand strategies / Strategic support
• Concept development
• Copywriting
• Department & personnel evaluations



Finding Your True Brand Archetypes & Voice
Are you a hero? A sage? An outlaw? Understanding and leveraging archetypes allows you to express your brand in ways that tap into universal feelings and instincts. Emotional connectivity is critical to succeeding today’s marketing.

Art Direction & Copywriting Platforms
Once your brand’s true identity is established what does it look like and how does it communicate?

Internal Brand Audits
I utilize a proven process that leads key decision makers to an honest understanding of the elements that both drive and compromise their brand. This begins the push to get everyone moving in unison.

Brand Strategy Review & Development
Using information from the internal brand audit, primary research and an understanding of your competitive set I’ll work with you to build a solid, honest foundation for every marketing move you make.

Can you express who you are and why it matters in seven words or less? I can.

Agency Search Support
The wrong fit is costly, both in time and money. By setting the correct parameters and decision making process up front, I can help you find the marketing partner that is right for you.

In-house Marketing Department Analysis
Your in-house department is vital to your success, but many inefficiences and other factors can compromise your team. My evaluation and recommendations have lead to increased productivity and a happy work place.