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Sabra’s Campaign is Full of Product Giveaways

Sabra seems to be pulling out all the stops taking their message to the streets, literally and figuratively. I’ve been seeing and hearing them every where I go. They have been on various Seattle street corners handing out free hummus & Stacy’s pita chips. I have encountered their hummus stand outside of Qwest field following a Mariner’s game and today at 3rd & Pike. I also received a free t-shirt as a gift for becoming a follower on Twitter. The Sabra campaign is full of street teams and product giveaways on different street corners all over Seattle! Their next stop is Portland, San Francisco and then Denver.

A few things I’ve noticed:
-Location is important
-Social Media is a big tool in their campaign
-Staying in a city for a month with constant giveaways makes them memorable
-Coupons include new products, social media sites and $1 off coupon (Sabra retails for about $5 each)
-Partnership with Stacy’s pita chips is a smart move
(Both products are pricier than other hummus and pita chip brands)

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this campaign. Are their street teams placed in locations with the highest potential to reach their target? Are they reaching those who are most likely to have a smart phone, Twitter account, etc.? I am a pleased Sabra customer today, with a free t-shirt and snacks for the week. I think Sabra is doing a great job promoting their product on the street and through their social media sites. What do you think?

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