S&E Projects

I imagine projects will be the bulk of my work now that I'm a freelancer. But when I ran the agency we welcomed projects more than most.

If you get a project and do it right, on time and on budget you usually get another one. That's what I'm hoping for at S&N.

Schmidt’s Home Appliance is a one-location retailer on Bainbridge Island with over thirty years in business. As a small, close knit community, the local area papers, of which there are three, still have meaningful circulation. We see this phenomena all over the country, while major metropolitan newspapers struggle. When talking with co-owner, Mike Anderson, about driving more traffic to the store we suggested doing something fun instead of showing pictures of appliances like everyone else does.

Be different. Get noticed. Here are eight of thirteen ads we did for Schmidt’s. Informational in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way, this campaign will get the locals talking. Mike likes them.

“I must say, this is top notch national stuff Rick. I absolutely love it. My hat’s off to you and your crew.”

-Mike Anderson, Co-owner, Schmidt’s Home Appliance





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