S&E Projects

I imagine projects will be the bulk of my work now that I'm a freelancer. But when I ran the agency we welcomed projects more than most.

If you get a project and do it right, on time and on budget you usually get another one. That's what I'm hoping for at S&N.

Below is some recent work we just finished for Bainbridge Dental. We put them through an abbreviated version of our Internal Brand Audit, learned what makes their brand tick and did a new logo, positioning statement and a collateral piece. We made it affordable and we turned it around quickly.

Here’s a quote from Doctor Nick Thompson, the man behind the practice.

“Your work was original and intelligent. I appreciate how you identified my goals, and it translated to an immediate course of action. Your staff is exceedingly professional. Stanton & Everybody is top shelf.”

-Dr. Nick Thompson


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