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Pepsi’s New Branding Strategy includes Sophia Vergara & David Beckham

A couple of months ago, we discussed the dangers of using just social media for your marketing strategy. Mega brand Pepsi was the perfect example of how this one dimensional strategy can go so very wrong. The outcome was a loss of precious market share, resulting with a fall to the #3 position in the soft drink category for the first time in years. Pepsi’s advertising strategy moving forward is to use a more ‘old school’ approach by leveraging traditional media in the mix and borrowing equity from celebrity spokespeople. The latest Diet Pepsi campaign includes the lovely Sophia Vergara from Modern Family. Recently, Vergara teamed up with David Beckham to create a new television commercial for the cola brand. A video from the shoot went viral today of Beckham mastering a stunt that many call fake. Was this video Pepsi’s brilliant branding strategy to not only capture traditional media but also gain a buzz virally? It seems to to have got us talking. Tell us what you think.