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Norman Durkee

“Hazel’s 1983 Christmas Jingle”

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I realize it’s been a few weeks since the passing of Norman Durkee.  But, I still feel that it is important to tell you this story.

At home I’ve been downsizing, cleaning out files, nooks, crannies and other places stuff gathers and I came across a folder from a man named Norman Durkee. This discovery occurred three days prior to his passing.

You probably have to be at least 40 years old to know who Norman was but if you did know Norman, you would probably agree with me that he was a true creative genius with music and musicianship his truest calling.

He could play any kind of music including piano on Bachman Turner Overdrive’s “Taking care of business.” You have to be over 40 to know who they were too. Since his passing, Norman has received a million words of accolades and countless retelling of stories.

Here’s one of mine.

I used to have Hazel’s Chocolates as an account from the late ‘70s through the ‘80s. A delightful older couple owned the company, the products they made were fabulous and my Mom’s name was Hazel so it was a great fit.

One holiday season we were preparing to do some radio. At a meeting they handed me a two-page list of all the chocolates and confections they made, including the fact that most it was made in copper kettles. Very old world.

They asked me if I could work the list into the radio spot.

What an absurd request, I mean we only have :60 folks.

Then I called Norman. Excuse the quality of the audio. Norman wrote, scored and directed the spot.

And what was in the folder I found?

A beautiful art print and a letter from Norman that said among other things, “Don’t think the payment of your bill without any bullshit has gone unnoticed.”

Just Norman being Norman.

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