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Is the Lettuce Really Going to be Lonely?

It it just me, or is anyone else noticing the recent “dressing” trend? And no I am not talking about celebrity fashion.

Last month, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about Heinz For Everything Ranch Dressing.  A new and improved thicker Ranch Dressing that is more efficient for America’s dipping, smearing, dunking and consuming needs.  It claims to be the new ‘Ketchup’.

Two days ago, I heard about the new Kraft “Anything” Lonely Lettuce campaign and how creative it was.  I wanted to learn more, here is what I found:

“Here’s an interesting move. Kraft has taken a big step out of the salad ghetto with the re-branding of its dressing as not just for the leafy stuff.  In a new move steered by Being, the brand has removed the word “salad” from all its dressing bottles and replaced it with “anything,”  effectively turning its condiments into “anything dressing.” The brand is taking a cue from consumers, who have long used its dressing for stuff that isn’t necessarily so healthy (like wings, for example.) The campaign includes a spot created out of Laika starring a lonely head of lettuce, new packaging labels, print, in-store and digital.” 

From an advertising point of view, I think it is great that big brands can identify and focus on the needs their consumers.  What intrigues me most is how the campaign is simply swapping one word for another on their packaging, how simple and clever!

Do you think consumer shopping habits will increase or decrease because the new “Anything” product label?