Barrier Motors, Puget Sound
Toyota Dealers, Carter Volkswagen

Peoples Bank Healthcare Pima
Medical Institute, Overlake Hospital 
Medical Center, Swedish Medical
Center, Ballard Hospital, Chec Medical
Centers, NW Lions Foundation for
Sight and Hearing (Sightlife)

Food Taco Del Mar, Restaurants
Unlimited, Brown & Haley Almond
Roca, Seattle Chocolates, Washington
Fryer Commission, Washington State
Potato Commission, Dairy Farmers of
Washington, Darigold, Essential Baking
Company, Safeway NW, Mora Ice Creamery

Retail & Retail Manufacturing
By Nature Pet Foods, Northside
Outdoor Footwear, Fox’s Gem Shop,
Pacific Crest Cabinets, SportsArt
Exercise Equipment, San Francisco
Riding Gear (sportswear), Desperado
Jeans, Normandee Rose (sportswear),
Cornerstone Home Building, Oliver &
Iris Pet Products, Drug Emporium,
Longs Drugs, Ballard Computer, 
Pay ‘N Pak, Ernst Home & Nursery

Insurance Sterling Health Plans
(supplemental Medicare insurance),
Agentra Insurance, QualMed Health Plans

Miscellaneous Bonneville Broadcasting,
Fisher Broadcasting, Golden West Broadcasting,
Cascade Natural Gas, Microsoft Explorer,
Cary Bozeman

Pro Bono
Seattle Goodwill, Boys & Girls
Clubs of King County, Transplant House

Here’s What Getting Smart Gets You

So now we know a lot more than we did a while back.
 We’ve stripped the company down to the ground and we have found the emotional bedrock that is the basis for your brand, your purpose and your voice.
 We know how we can win and why we can win and most important we know how to build emotional bridges to understanding that establish “The Why.” 
Now what?

  • Formal Brand Strategy Content
  • Purpose Statement
  • Brand Positioning
  • Marketing Objectives & Goals
  • Demographic & Psychographic Consumer Profiles
  • Brand Archetype: your brand’s personality and character
  • Brand Benefits to Key Wholesale and or Retail 
  • Design Style Guide
  • Media Analysis for Planning

You may think your company doesn’t need all of these tools and you may be right. We will work with you to identify those elements that make sense for the size of your company and your competitive issues.