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“The only thing constant is change.” – Heraclitus

Boy was he right.

After 40 years of running my own design and ad shops with several wonderful partners during most of it, I’m shifting gears.

The ad business has changed and I’m not so sure for the better.

Ideas seem to matter less than how fast and how cheap can I get it.
I started out the first three years of my work life as a teacher and a coach. I was mulling that beginning with a friend at lunch and she reminded me that for these last 40 years I’ve still been a teacher and a coach and that struck me in a very profound way.

She’s right.

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and the work my shops have turned out. I fought the fight against the big guys and by gosh I won a few with the help of dozens of great people in those shops.

And now I’m going to do it by myself. Sort of.

I’ll still lean on others who do what I don’t.

I’ll still look for people who deserve my-our help.

And I’ll still believe that it’s great creative that makes everything else valuable.

I’m just going to do it from beautiful Bainbridge Island.

For the next 40 years and beyond, introducing Stanton & Nobody.

Rick Stanton

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