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We’ll See.


It’s a widely held truth in our profession; you don’t change people’s minds with advertising.

You take what you know to be true in the mind of the consumer and use it to leverage your position.

Buick is once again trying to convince America they aren’t your father’s or your grandfather’s automobile brand. This is about the third time in the last 20 years they’ve trotted out this strategy. The Leo Burnett spot linked below is a well-done, smart and humorous attempt to try, try again.

But in the life span of brands, nothing lasts forever except maybe Coke and Pepsi.

Can Buick really ever appeal to anyone under 50? Does owning a Buick make a positive statement? For a little more you can drive an entry level Mercedes-Benz.

Buying a car is a huge emotional event, dripping of surface chic.

I’m wealthy. I’m responsible. I’m middle aged and having a crisis, which is usually red with two seats.

Can Buick change perceptions?

We’ll see. In the mean time, does anyone know where I can buy a new Pontiac?

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