$500 Logo

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

A couple of weeks ago I found myself walking to work with a friend accompanied by someone I’d never met before. This person was extremely annoying for two reasons; they wouldn’t stop talking and for most of the mile hike they talked about the new logo their attorney firm just had done.Apparently they thought this… Continue reading

Pepsi’s New Branding Strategy includes Sophia Vergara & David Beckham

By: admin

A couple of months ago, we discussed the dangers of using just social media for your marketing strategy. Mega brand Pepsi was the perfect example of how this one dimensional strategy can go so very wrong. The outcome was a loss of precious market share, resulting with a fall to the #3 position in the… Continue reading

The Secret to the Ideal Brand Message by Simon Sinek

By: Cynti Oshin, Director of Client Services & Business Development

Yesterday, one of our clients at Essential Baking Company forwarded a link from a 2009 presentation given by Simon Sinek, author of “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action.” Sinek coined the term “Golden Circle” describing the importance of communicating messages which underscore the ‘why’ you do what you do rather… Continue reading

Gap Introduces “Gap My Price” Campaign

By: admin

Gap has a created a ‘Gap My Price’ campaign where customers can check out the merchandise online, name their price and either receive exclusive coupons or end up winning the offer. The clothing store has started promoting this new campaign on their Twitter & Facebook pages directing everyone to gapmyprice.com. Gap isn’t new to offering deals… Continue reading

Starbucks 40th Anniversary Includes New logo, Menu & Campaign

By: admin

In honor of celebrating the mega-brands 40th anniversary, Starbucks revealed their new logo today in stores. In addition, the company will be doing a promotional event this Thursday -Saturday from 2-5 giving away their new Petite treats with the purchase of a Starbucks beverage. This event will be a good way to show customers Starbucks… Continue reading

How do Brands Succeed? Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity

By: admin

Siegel + Gale publishes an annual report on the world’s most successful brands and their relationship to a Brand Simplicity Index. The bottom line is that consumers are willing to pay a premium for experiences that are ‘clear, honest and efficient’. No surprise there. Wait. Except for the fact that in 2010, consumers were willing… Continue reading

The Birth of a True Brand

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

Back in November 2009, we were connected with a company called Triple T Trading. TTT has several lines of shoes and boots they manufacture with one particular line they viewed as the key to growth. The name of the line is Northside. When we showed up all they had was a box with the word… Continue reading

Starbucks New Brand Strategy: Mobile Payments

By: admin

From a new logo design to a a new way to pay- Starbucks is launching a mobile payment program in their stores. Starting today, 6,800 Starbucks stores will begin accepting mobile payments on their smartphones. This development makes paying on the go even easier for the the consumer. No need for cash, cards or even… Continue reading

Southwest Airlines Is More Than Just A Brand

By: admin

Southwest Airlines has been incredibly successful, due in part to the commitment of living it’s brand truth. Southwest’s brand promise is to give people the freedom to fly. With low fares, frequent flights and and friendly employees. Southwest promises to actually care about its customers and provide them access to where they need/want to go…. Continue reading