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Brand Positioning

In a Forbes article written by Matt Symonds he addresses the idea of memorable slogans.  While this is how many people refer to this brand element, we prefer to call it a positioning line.
It is the direct result of our own position as responsible thinkers.


Great positioning is short hand for what a brand does that creates a connection to the end user. It’s also a derivative of a brand’s purpose statement which is simply answering the question, what do you do that matters besides making money?




When we positioned Barrier Motors with the line A promise to do more, it’s just the truth we discovered in the brand. Barrier empowers their employees to get to “yes” with their clients and has an expectation of a service model that is excellent in all ways. They believe their job is to assist, not sell and to that, more, is what they do.


Positioning is the essence of what makes a brand matter.
Some other positioning we’ve developed over the years include the following:


• There’s no taste like home. / Washington Fryer Commission


• For more dog years. By Nature All-Natural & Organic dog food


• The one, the only. / Fox’s Gem Shop 

• Trusted. Respected. Preferred. / Pima Medical Institute
• Life deserves extraordinary. / MORA Iced Creamery
I was in the grocery store a few years ago and there was a woman with her daughter at the poultry case. I overheard her ask her mom why she bought that particular kind of chicken, which just happened to be a Grown in Washington brand. Her mom said, “Because there’s no taste like home.”
Mission accomplished.

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