Are You Ready for Summer?

By: Thad Tichenor, Senior Art Director

We were asked to create a campaign reminding Seattleites that nearly everything they need for summer can be found at Goodwill.

The idea we came up with was simple — to show close-up, detailed stories of Goodwill items in their summer environments executed through transit and digital. These are slice of life moments seen from a first-person perspective to really put the viewer in the moment. Are you ready?


Transit Kings 


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Apple vs. Everyone Else

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

Ah the ongoing marketing war between Apple and everyone else continues.

Granted Samsung has made a dent in market share with the latest iteration of their smart phones and the kajillions they spent pushing it out to the planet.

But Apple is smart, even without Steve Jobs.

The halo effect that occurs whenever they introduce something new or something that’s simply been upgraded is unbelievably powerful.

From day one the design, functionality and simplicity of their products has created a “cool factor” that is nearly impossible to usurp.

This once again underscores my belief that everything we buy from a pack of gum to a new car is an emotional decision. And the more expensive the choice the more we back fill with logic.

In two recent ads Samsung and Apple demonstrate the lack of cool and the power of cool. Samsung seems a little bitter. Apple seems, well, like Apple.

I’m interested in what you think.

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Too Many Ads

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

A couple of years ago I had lunch with one of Seattle’s iconic radio greats, Shannon Sweatte. Shannon was one of the most successful general managers ever in this market. He understood the business, he understood people and how to get the best out of them and he protected the medium fiercely because he believed in radio. I asked him what he would do different today if he ran a local radio station. His answer was cut the number of spots in each break in half and charge more for them. He said commercials are killing radio. There are too many of them and most of them are poorly written and produced. Even if they were done better, no one wants to listen to six minutes of back to back commercials.

I agree completely. If you do write and produce a great radio spot and it’s buried under three stupid mattress commercials, you’re toast.

Frankly, at S&E we’d be happy to pay more for less, less bad radio.

To see what else is wrong with radio click on the article below.

The writer is just about as grouchy as I am about this matter.

Read this:

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