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Apple vs. Everyone Else

Ah the ongoing marketing war between Apple and everyone else continues.

Granted Samsung has made a dent in market share with the latest iteration of their smart phones and the kajillions they spent pushing it out to the planet.

But Apple is smart, even without Steve Jobs.

The halo effect that occurs whenever they introduce something new or something that’s simply been upgraded is unbelievably powerful.

From day one the design, functionality and simplicity of their products has created a “cool factor” that is nearly impossible to usurp.

This once again underscores my belief that everything we buy from a pack of gum to a new car is an emotional decision. And the more expensive the choice the more we back fill with logic.

In two recent ads Samsung and Apple demonstrate the lack of cool and the power of cool. Samsung seems a little bitter. Apple seems, well, like Apple.

I’m interested in what you think.

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