Are You Ready for Summer?

By: Thad Tichenor, Senior Art Director

We were asked to create a campaign reminding Seattleites that nearly everything they need for summer can be found at Goodwill. The idea we came up with was simple — to show close-up, detailed stories of Goodwill items in their summer environments executed through transit and digital. These are slice of life moments seen from… Continue reading

A Stanton & Everybody Guide to Projects

By: Thad Tichenor, Senior Art Director

At Stanton & Everybody, we love projects! So much so, in fact, that we created our own detailed infographic to demonstrate. Enjoy!

QR Codes

By: Lisa Dahlby, Account Supervisor

I’ve been interested in absorbing more information and case study results from the use of QR codes.  I’m still understanding the benefits and the motivation to respond but in the meantime, Coca-Cola is on board.  The soft drink giant just put QR codes on all their coke cans.  Tell me about your experience with QR codes, success or failure…. Continue reading

What’s That Smell?

By: Molly Stephens, Advertising Assistant

It looks like ‘scent’ advertising is the new way brands are stimulating their potential customers’ sense of smell. Dogs too. For years, marketers and advertisers have relied on vibrant and cooling color schemes and sensory words to entice their audience.  Now they are unleashing the power of “scratch & sniff”, a technique that used to… Continue reading

Promoting Nutrition, Disney to Restrict Junk-Food Ads

By: Molly Stephens, Advertising Assistant

Often, I find myself thinking about brands and the marketing strategy behind each platform. I tend to walk down the aisles of a grocery store and wonder how each brand evolved, what research was conducted and how was the advertising strategy was developed? Back in March, I was reminded by this video, how influential children’s programming… Continue reading

Brand Positioning

By: Thad Tichenor, Senior Art Director

In a Forbes article written by Matt Symonds he addresses the idea of memorable slogans.  While this is how many people refer to this brand element, we prefer to call it a positioning line. It is the direct result of our own position as responsible thinkers.   Great positioning is short hand for what a brand does that creates… Continue reading

The End to Pricey Super Bowl Ads?

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

Back in February, I blogged about the 2012 Super Bowl ads. Today, I read about this in the Wall Street Journal. So GM is done with Super Bowl ads. It took a while and $82,000,000 over the last ten years to figure it out but better late than never. It seems that with few exceptions, Super Bowl ads have… Continue reading

Barrier Motors TV Campaign Launch

By: Thad Tichenor, Senior Art Director

Stanton & Everybody is proud to announce the launch of the 2012 Barrier Motors TV campaign.  This campaign features spots for Barrier Volvo, Barrier Audi and Mercedes Benz of Bellevue.  Stanton & Everybody is proud to be the agency of record for Barrier Motors for over 21 years. Many thanks to Harry Calbom and Justin Henning at The Academy, who… Continue reading

Sofia Vergara Does the “Pepsi Dance”

By: admin

A few of us at Stanton & Everybody are big fans of the hit show, Modern Family. Normally, every Thursday we talk about our favorite lines, or parts from last night’s episode and laugh. You can’t help but love the hilariously loud and lovely, Sofia Vergara. With her thick Columbian accent and witty comments, no wonder Diet… Continue reading

To Pinterest or Not To Pinterest

By: Cynti Oshin, Director of Client Services & Business Development

You know, with the ongoing proliferation of social media opportunities, a marketer can either be inspired to embrace the new opportunity or to climb under their desk and curl up in a ball.  I don’t suggest the latter.  However, Ido suggest you carefully vet the marketing opportunity as it arises to determine if it is an… Continue reading