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Sofia Vergara Does the “Pepsi Dance”

A few of us at Stanton & Everybody are big fans of the hit show, Modern Family. Normally, every Thursday we talk about our favorite lines, or parts from last night’s episode and laugh. You can’t help but love the hilariously loud and lovely, Sofia Vergara. With her thick Columbian accent and witty comments, no wonder Diet Pepsi wanted her as their advertising spokesperson. The brand kicked off their 2011 ad campaign with Vergara as the new face of Diet Pepsi that included TV spots, viral videos and also David Beckham. The latest TV spot premiered on Sunday night’s Golden Globes where Vergara debuted the ‘Pepsi Dance’, choreographed by Dancing with the Stars dancer,  Mark Ballas. This TV spot not only showcased the actresses sexy, quirky self but demonstrated the brands refreshing taste. Do you think Sophia Vergara is a good match for the Diet Pepsi brand?

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