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$500 Logo

A couple of weeks ago I found myself walking to work with a friend accompanied by someone I’d never met before. This person was extremely annoying for two reasons; they wouldn’t stop talking and for most of the mile hike they talked about the new logo their attorney firm just had done.Apparently they thought this would interest me because that’s a skill we provide clients.

This person was very proud of the fact that the firm’s partners found a website that apparently pitted starving designers against one another, working in a vacuum, to come up with ideas with the selected logo winning $500. $500? Really? For perhaps the most important reflection of your brand?

Your brand identity is an extension of your business that communicates visually, through shape, colors and other symbolism who you are and what you do. When done correctly, it’s how you will be remembered.

I had a client who refused to see the importance of a logo and would not invest in having one done. So I put 30 logos on two boards and asked for a meeting.
She nailed 29 of them missing the Denver Broncos. I said, “Now do you see the value of a corporate logo?” The answer? No. You can lead a horse to water …

But I digress, back to the $500 logo.

By the time we got to the point where I could finally escape, by now so angry and insulted my head was ready to explode, I finally had a chance to get to the response I’d been working on for fifteen minutes.

“I guess the next time I need a good lawyer I’ll just call you guys and see what you can do for me for $500.”

Case closed.