Ooey Gooey

By: Jon Njos, Vice President

I am often amused as I grow older how a sudden phrase or word can trigger a memory for me. Case in point…my daughter baked cookies the other night that could have benefited from staying in the oven just a tad longer. My wife tried to pick one up and uttered, “These are really gooey.”… Continue reading

Paid For By The Seattle Times

By: Jon Njos, Vice President

There’s major controversy at the Seattle Times with a paid advertisement for Republican State Gubenitorial candidate Rob McKenna….paid for by the Seattle Times! This unprecedented move by the newspaper has raised the dander of Times reporters, photographers, designers and other staffers not to mention the state Democrat Party. They all agree that this move compromises… Continue reading

The Corporate Jet.

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

My wife the fashionista, recently got a ride to New York for business on the corporate jet. She was excited as she had never been in a plane smaller than something built by Boeing. Having flown in smaller planes, I recited the experience I had many years ago with then partner Dennis Burns. Denny and… Continue reading

Let the “Roasting” Begin.

By: Lisa Dahlby, Account Supervisor

When it comes right down to it, in Seattle at least, what are people more passionate about than their coffee? Now you can blend your passions for your choice candidate in the November election with your morning cup of Joe. 7-11, once again, is running their Presidential Cup Campaign. The convenience store has been running… Continue reading

A Good Laugh.

By: Molly Stephens, Advertising Assistant

Here at the S&E office, we love advertising. We love it so much that we often send emails to one another sharing our latest and greatest commercial finds. Here are a few we love to laugh at: This brings us to the question, “Why do people advertise with humor?” Here is a great answer: According… Continue reading


By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

Where are our priorities? Now that the planet is back on it’s axis after the NFL settled the labor dispute with the “real refs”, some questions beg being asked, especially in light of the incredible reaction to the Monday night game that turned the Seahawks into the Taliban. Question one: Where was the outrage when… Continue reading