Where’s Google Making it’s Money? The answer: ADVERTISING

By: admin

Did you know 97% of Google’s revenue is from advertising? The company acquired $33.3 billion in total revenue in the last twelve months thanks to Google Adwords. The infographic to the right, shows the top 20 most expensive keywords in advertising and those that demanded the highest cost per click. Google AdWords is an auction-based… Continue reading

Sabra’s Campaign is Full of Product Giveaways

By: admin

Sabra seems to be pulling out all the stops taking their message to the streets, literally and figuratively. I’ve been seeing and hearing them every where I go. They have been on various Seattle street corners handing out free hummus & Stacy’s pita chips. I have encountered their hummus stand outside of Qwest field following… Continue reading

Why Talent Fees & Royalties are Necessary in Advertising

By: Lisa Dahlby, Account Supervisor

As a production manager for Stanton & Everybody, I am often asked about talent fees and royalties and why they’re necessary. Every time we use a professional talent to voice a radio spot or appear on camera or when we use a photographer’s work in a print ad, we pay him or her a fee…. Continue reading