The Birth of a True Brand

By: Rick Stanton, President/Creative Director

Back in November 2009, we were connected with a company called Triple T Trading. TTT has several lines of shoes and boots they manufacture with one particular line they viewed as the key to growth. The name of the line is Northside. When we showed up all they had was a box with the word… Continue reading

Starbucks New Brand Strategy: Mobile Payments

By: admin

From a new logo design to a a new way to pay- Starbucks is launching a mobile payment program in their stores. Starting today, 6,800 Starbucks stores will begin accepting mobile payments on their smartphones. This development makes paying on the go even easier for the the consumer. No need for cash, cards or even… Continue reading

Southwest Airlines Is More Than Just A Brand

By: admin

Southwest Airlines has been incredibly successful, due in part to the commitment of living it’s brand truth. Southwest’s brand promise is to give people the freedom to fly. With low fares, frequent flights and and friendly employees. Southwest promises to actually care about its customers and provide them access to where they need/want to go…. Continue reading